Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

What are you worth in today's employment market?

Use the Salary Calculator at to discover the average base salary for your job. Or if you are an employer setting salaries, this tool will give you an idea of what other companies are paying their employees.

Simply input your job title and location in the fields below and click "Go". If you a searching within a location outside the United States or Canada, make sure to select "International" beforehand. When choosing a location you have the option to enter either your zip code, your closest metropolitan area, or your state. If your job title is too general, the Salary Calculator will first return a list of job titles similar to your entry. After reading the descriptions and selecting the job title that most closely matches yours, click "Create Salary Report". The average nationwide salary for your career along with the average salary for your chosen location will be displayed by the Salary Calculator. You will also obtain base salary data, salary bonuses and benefits data (if any), and total salary data for three different percentiles.

The database for this free Salary Calculator has details on thousands of different job types in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. If your current salary is below the norm, maybe it's time to ask for a raise or search for a new opportunity with a different employer. Use our Employment Search to find new job listings near you based on the job title, skill, or keyword of your choosing.

After utilizing the Salary Calculator to discover your job's average pay, you may be interested in other salary-related financial calculators. Use the menu on the left to select either the Hourly Salary Calculator or the Cost of Living Calculator. The Hourly Salary Calculator will help you convert your hourly wage into a yearly salary. The Cost of Living Calculator will allow you to compare the average pay for the same job in two different locations.

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